BLU-JET® AT6020™


Fertilizer Injection Applicator

The BLU-JET AT6020 Commercial Class Fertilizer Applicator is designed for your high rate, high acre application needs. It has a 6” x 6” (15,24 x 15,24 cm) main frame and swath widths from 45’ to 62.5’ (14 to 19 M) and the ability to place NH3, Liquid, Dry, or Dual Placement Solutions, in PrePlant, SideDress, or StripTill applications.

A Commercial Class Fertilizer Injection Applicator

The AT6020 is the most versatile fertilizer applicator on the market today. The AT6020 is designed to be used in combination with BLU-JET’s Super 1200 Coulter, MaxPac 700 AutoReset shank mounting, residue managers, SealPro disc sealers, torsion arm firming baskets and BLU-JET’s complete line of shank mountings.

  • Heavy-Duty, 6 x 6 Main Frame
  • A Variety of Row Options
  • NH3, Liquid, Dry, and Dual-Placement Nutrient Delivery Options
  • High-flotation tire package
  • Five-Year Frame Warranty