BLU-JET® TrackMaster II™


Track Closer

Since 1993 BLU-JET® TrackMaster™ has been adding efficiency to farming operations by providing a tough, simple, low horsepower tool for eliminating center pivot irrigation tracks. It is known throughout the industry for its ovate “teardrop” blades, which reduce mud buildup, and the “vee” pattern in which they are placed.

TrackMaster II™ builds upon this unparalleled “track” record by accommodating an extended number of bolt-on attachments. These additional attachments make TrackMaster II™ the most adaptable track filler on the market, allowing you more control over working width, working depth, amount of soil moved into the track, firmness of the filled area, and smoothness on top. TrackMaster II™ can now also be used by those needing to fill larger trenches, such as companies that install Drainage Tile Lines.

Field Proven Performance

The BLU-JET® TrackMaster II™’s Guide Cone, which provides Automatic Centering and Automatic Depth Control, and adjustable width discs make it extremely user friendly. A variety of bolt-on options allow owners the opportunity to customize TrackMaster II™ to fit their requirements, without having to pay for extra items they don’t need.

  • Guide Cone for Centering and Depth Control
  • On-the-Go Depth Adjustment
  • BLU-JET® LevelPro™ Optional Attachment
  • Heavy Duty, 2” (5 cm) Spindles and Double Lip Seals
  • PackerPro™ Optional Attachment