BLU-JET® TrackMaster™ 4 Bar Extension Kit


Responding to customer requests for a wider working width on the BLU-JET TrackMaster, BLU-JET is proud to offer the TrackMaster 4 Bar Extension Kit. The extension kit expands TrackMasters working width an additional 12 inches to move more dirt into the center. It allows current TrackMaster owners to expand functionality, keep the field proven “Vee” design, and avoid spending thousands to trade for a new model. This simple, yet effective, extension kit provides a great solution for those not wanting to spend the money for a new implement.



The 4 Bar Extension Kit is just one of many new functionality upgrades that can be purchased for a new or existing TrackMasters. Other options include a hydraulically adjustable guide cone, which allows the operator to control the aggressiveness of the blades. This on-the-go depth control gives the user more command over the finish as a greater or lesser amount of dirt is funneled into the track. The PackerPro option provides a firmer fill at the bottom of the track. The two extra blades in the center scrape cleaner dirt into the bottom of the track from the side wall, which is then packed by the mid-depth packing basket before the mixture of dirt and residue fills in the rest. This option can only be employed on TrackMasters that are equipped with the 4 Bar Extension Kit.


When looking to upgrade your existing TrackMaster with a 4 Bar extension kit, please remember there are two models. One for the Original TrackMaster, and one for the TrackMaster II. The models differ in the way they mount to the mainframe, so it is important to purchase the right one. Make sure your dealer knows whether you own an original TrackMaster or a TrackMaster II and have him provide you with the appropriate extension kit. If you are unsure which model you own, you can either provide the serial number, located on the side of the top 3-point mast, or examine the side plate that runs along the length of the mainframe. If the side plate has drilled holes in the corners, you have a TrackMaster II. If there are no holes in the side plate, you own an original TrackMaster. Please take some time to learn more by exploring the additional information on this page, and by visiting our other BLU-JET Trench and Tracker Filler Pages. If you have any questions, please call us, email us, or fill out one of the forms on this web site. When you’re ready to order one stop by one of our dealers, or call to ask for the closest dealer near you.

  • Expands Working Width
  • Adds a Fourth Rank for Enhanced Soil Flow to the Center
  • Kits are Available for the Original TrackMaster and for TrackMaster II.
  • TrackMasters Dated from 1993 Can Have the Extension Kit Added
  • Saves Thousands of Dollars Compared to Ordering New Implements