Trench & Track Fillers

A Rich And Successful History

For over 20 years the original BLU-JET TrackMaster has been at the top of the marketplace for filling center pivot irrigation tracks. It’s simple “Vee” Blade configuration efficiently moves dirt to the center to fill the track, the concave blades with tear drop cutouts effectively prevent mud from building up on the blades, and the bolt adjust guide cone provides excellent automatic centering and depth control. In fact, very little has changed from the time the first TrackMaster came off the line in 1993; a few accessories were added over time to assist in enhancing an operators control of the finish.

New Features Meet Today’s Needs

Today, BLU-JET is proud to offer an enhanced line of Trench and Track filling products to meet the growing requirements of our current and prospective customers. The TrenchMaster has been designed for those looking to fill wider and deeper trenches, such as those made while installing drainage tile. TrackMaster II aims to make the track filling operation even easier than the original, with the goal of enhancing productivity. It offers features that allow users to hook up faster, make on-the-go adjustments, and create a smoother finish. However, we have not forgotten about the customers of our original TrackMaster; many of the add-ons developed for TrackMaster II have similar components adapted to fit the original TrackMaster.

The Value Component

By offering new models with expanded capabilities to those who are demanding them, and also making many of the new options backward compatible to the original TrackMaster, BLU-JET has once again achieved our mission to provide increased value for our customer base. Furthermore, thanks to past successes and new innovative designs, we can offer these solutions at a fraction of the price when compared to some of our competitors. Please have a look around this section of our web site to further discover how the TrackMaster II, TrenchMaster, and the enhanced attachments to the original TrackMaster can increase your productivity. If you are looking for a wider working width than you see in this section, check out our 3-point Offset Disc Offerings under the Primary Tillage Section.

BLU-JET® Trenchmaster™

The BLU-JET® Trenchmaster™ is specifically designed to fill wider and deeper ditches and trenches.

BLU-JET® TrackMaster II™

Since 1993 BLU-JET® TrackMaster II™ has been adding efficiency to farming operations by providing a tough, simple, low horsepower tool for eliminating center-pivot irrigation tracks.

TrackMaster Extension Kits

The TrackMaster 4 Bar Extension Kit expands TrackMasters working width an additional 12 inches to move more dirt into the center.