BLU-JET® StripTracker™

StripTill Implement

BLU-JET® StripTracker™ is the first Strip-Till implement to combine on-board fertilizer carrying capacities for single or dual placement applications, with a stretched and staggered row unit for enhanced residue flow.  It is designed to minimize daily and weekly maintenance points, allowing more time in the field and less in the shop. The award winning StripTill Row Units use many universal components, meaning better access to parts should you need them, often costing less than specialized components.


Superior Tracking Capabilities

BLU-JET® StripTracker™ features a close coupled semi-mounted hitch connection, which assists in tracking around contours and on hillsides when compared with traditional pull type equipment. It also has button stop depth control, and pin adjust gauge wheels, for better depth control across the width of the implement. Row units are individually adjustable, and fuction independently – ensuring superior residue handling and fertilizer placement. These features combine to give the operator increased control of the Strip-Till Operation.

Optimized Fertilizer and Trailing Capacities

The stretched and staggered row units are adjustable for use in both the fall and the spring, increasing your operational flexibility. The choice of an on-board liquid tank, or dry fertilizer box, means a more closely coupled procession during single or dual placement operations. This feature, combined with the semi-mounted hitch option, means better tracking and tighter turning in the field. These StripTracker design elements are just a few that assist in increasing your Strip-Till operating efficiency.

  • Button Stop Depth Control
  • Pin Adjust Gauge Wheels
  • F380/105R50 Sprayer Tires
  • 10” (24.5 CM) Working Depth
  • Optional Nurse Tank Hitch

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