BLU-JET® StripTill Systems™


Adjustable Row Units

Easy to use, and customizable to meet your operational requirements, BLU-JET® StripTill 3-Point™ and StripTill Systems™ Implements represent one of the best values in the marketplace. The versatile design allows owners to add on features as their Strip-Till operational experience expands.

Real Strip-Till Performance

BLU-JET® StripTill Systems™ provides growers an economical entry point into practicing StripTill, while still providing access to the features many experienced Strip-Tillers demand. Just a few examples include: Three point models that can later be converted to pull-types, a hitch that can be added for towing fertilizer nurse wagons, and a dry box or liquid tank that can be added to pull types for on-board fertilizer carrying capacities.

Enhanced Operational Versatility

BLU-JET® StripTill Systems™ Implements use the BLU-JET® field proven Stretched Row Unit, which enhances residue flow capacities while reducing maintenance points when compared to some other models.
BLU-JET®’s Stretched StripTill Row Units are highly adjustable, and provide more space between components, increasing your opportunity to work in a variety of residue conditions and row-spacings in the spring or fall. Low maintenance components boost your ability to be in the field when timing is critical.