BLU-JET® Galaxy™

3-Point StripTill Implement

Reduce implement drift & increase residue flow. The unique design of BLU-JET® Galaxy™ means less risk of implement drift and plugging when compared with competitive units. The 3-point, or lift assist, mounting ensures Galaxy stays in-line with the tractor, and our Stretched and Staggered Row Unit reduces plugging by allowing more space for residue to flow.  The Galaxy is availabe in all popular row-spacings, including 20″, 22″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 38″ and 40″ configurations.


An Ideal Combination of Trailing and Residue Flow Capabilities

The BLU-JET® Galaxy™ represents the best combination of Working Width, Trailing Capabilities, and Residue Flow Volumes available on the market today. Working widths of up to 45’ allow operators to accomplish a substantial amount of work per pass, while the 3-point or lift assist mounting minimizes drift on side hills and contours.

Stay On Track – Without Looking Back

BLU-JET’s Stretched and Staggered Strip-Till Row Configurations mean a reduced risk for plugging in heavy residue, and the possibility of faster operating speeds in light to moderate residue. These features combine to allow a better opportunity to increase acres per hour. The award-winning BLU-JET® StripTill Row Units minimize daily and weekly maintenance points. They use many universal components, meaning better access to parts, often costing less than specialized components.

  • Gauge Wheels and Depth Collars
  • Heavy Duty Nurse Tank Hitch
  • MaxPac AR700 AutoReset Mount
  • Residue Manager and Torsion Arm Firming Basket
  • Handles Injections of Liquid, Dry, NH3, or Dual Placement

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