Bulk Seed Systems

Bulk System Installation

After USC equipment has been shipped, and the complete order has successfully arrived at the specified location, USC sends an Installation Crew to correctly set up the site. Customers must have a qualified electrician provide power to equipment after installation is finished.

USC is the only full service operation of its kind, priding itself on true craftsmanship and seeking out the best in the business. In-house welders, fabricators, assemblers, mechanical and electrical engineers, control panel technicians, product development teams, training and installation crews, and a national sales force allows USC to stand alone in the seed treating industry. Cutting edge programming, software and successful site integration for USC plays a pivotal role in the execution and implementation of each product. Developing user-friendly software is critical and USC realizes the importance of providing training to support these areas.

Bulk System Set-Up & Training

Once electrical power has been supplied to the site, a USC Equipment Specialist
arrives to conduct official start-up of USC equipment.

Once electrical power has been supplied to the site, a USC Equipment Specialist arrives to conduct official start-up of USC equipment. Customers are responsible for arranging a qualified scale technician to certify the scales and make legal for trade in the jurisdiction. USC provides a Training Specialist to visit each bulk site before treating seed for the first time. The Training Specialist properly trains each customer on USC’s single point automation, specific details about USC equipment and how to take advantage of all the added features USC products offer.

Integrated Single PLC Control Panel

USC single-touch screen control panel controls entire bulk system

  • Each PLC bin site panel configured specifically for each site
  • Bin inventory and tracking system
  • Customer reporting ability with receipt printer
  • Run batch by seed weight (in pounds), seed count or units
  • Operate in metric or standard units
  • Auto calibration

Configurations & Options for Bulk Seed Systems:

Weigh Hoppers

  • Tri-Flo® stacked above treater
  • Tri-Flo® floor-mounted with conveyor feeding treater
  • 300-Unit weigh hopper stacked above treater
  • 300-Unit weigh hopper floor-mounted with conveyor feeding treater
  • 100-Unit weigh hopper stacked above treater
  • 100-Unit weigh hopper floor-mounted with conveyor feeding treater

Box-Dump Hoppers

  • Floor-mounted feeding into scale hopper
  • Outside on under-bin head or tail sections
  • Floor-mounted inside building feeding out to under-bin conveyor

Bin-Fill and Truck-Unload Conveyors

  •  Electrically powered bin-fill and truck-unload
  •  Hydraulic lift on bin-fill conveyor

Under-Bin Conveyors

  • Under-bin lengths come in 2.5’ sections
  • An under-bin reversing option is available for easy clean-out

Miscellaneous Options

  • Treater diverter system
  • Treater pivot stand
  • Swivel wheels for portable conveyors
  • Flexible seed ladder for discharge conveyors
  • Re-bag hoppers
  • Vibrating hoppers
  • Collapsible hoppers on conveyors

Custom CAD by USC Engineers

A site sketch and requirements form is submitted to USC’s full-time Engineering Department
to begin the process of building a custom CAD drawing.

  • Upon completion, USC representatives review completed drawings, price quotes and quote clarification sheets with each customer.
  • Questions, concerns and site layout changes are addressed to ensure exact requirements are met.
  • Once approved, a final CAD design is produced with electrical schematics and bin site programming.
  • On average, customers receive equipment 6-8 weeks after final design is approved.