New Holland® SP.380F


New Holland® SP.380F


The industry-leading SP.380F maximizes your productivity with up to 382 horsepower, a tank up to 6050 L and a boom up to 41 meters wide. A next-generation planetary drive system on New Holland® Guardian™ sprayers — delivers increased torque and maximum power transfer to the ground.

Horsepower 380
Tank Size 1,200, 1,400, or 1,600 gallons
Boom 90’, 100’, 120’, 132′, or 135’


The Easier Way to Spray

With the boom in front, you get unmatched visibility which means you can run the boom closer to the ground to reduce draft.

Best-in-Class Crop Clearance

With crop clearance up to 78 inches, the Guardian™
sprayer is among the tallest in the industry. That means you can spray at all stages of crop growth.

Huge Productivity

With models up to 410hp, tanks as large as 1600 gallons, and booms as wide as 135 feet, Guardian™ front-sprayers allow you to protect more acres per hour.

Comfort Zone

The state-of-the-art Guardian™ cab offers roomy comfort, clear visibility and controls, and an array of features to make long days feel shorter.


New Holland Guardian™ front boom sprayers allow you to spray later into the growing season, easily maneuver at the headlands, and make on-the-go adjustments quickly and easily — all from the comfort of a new cab specifically designed for the Guardian sprayer. Select from models up to 410 horsepower.


A redesigned chassis with 78 inches of clearance – the highest in the industry – means you can respond when conditions require and get in the field when you need to, even later in the season when crops are taller.


Guardian front boom sprayers are the easiest way to spray. With the boom in front, you get the very best view of the spray nozzles and the field ahead to confidently cover ground faster. There’s no need to turn in your seat to monitor spraying action. Spray is delivered into the crop before the tires go over it, eliminating the potential for dust to neutralize the spray.


Guardian front boom sprayers allow you to cover ground faster to maximize acres sprayed per hour. Not only do Guardian self-propelled sprayers offer the highest horsepower, the largest tank sizes, and the industry’s-highest ground clearance, they also offer the smoothest ride and a tight turning radius for more efficient spraying. It’s easy to understand how Guardian front boom sprayers help you achieve a new level of spraying freedom and productivity.


Even weight distribution provides an ideal balance, with near equal load on each tire to maximize power to the ground while minimizing compaction.

Four-wheel steering with crab-steer function is available as an option to minimize crop damage.

There’s only one thing left to do — select the Guardian model with the horsepower, tank, and options that are your ideal fit, and never look back.




Engine FPT® Cursor 9 / 8.7 L/ Tier 3
Rated Power 322 HP (240 kw)
Power Bulge 380 HP (283 kw)
Fuel Tank Capacity 150 gal
DEF Tank Capacity 24 gal
Transmission Hydrostatic drive with electronic controlled tandem Danfoss heavy-duty pumps
Speed Range Full range with 4 user-defined speed ranges
Crop Clearance 1.88m with standard tires / 1.93m with 380/105R50 or 420/95R50 tires)
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity 1200 / 1400/ 1600 gal
Rinse System Electric or Auto Rinse
Mono Boom Width (ft) 90/60, 100/60, 120/70
Truss Boom Width (ft) 120/73, 132/73, 135/73
Spray-Air Boom Width (ft) Width (ft) 27, 30, 36
Nozzle Bodies 3 Way Turret / 5 Way Turret, 3+1
Shipping Height (cm) 158 in. (402)
Shipping Width (Mono) 128 in. (325)