LandRunner 3 LF

All Terrain JetStream Injection Toolbars

In the LandRunner 3™, BLU-JET® has achieved a toolbar that is tough enough for the shank injection of NH3 or Dry fertilizers, yet cost effective enough to use in liquid coulter knife injection or high pressure jetstream applications.

3-Point Mounted Solution with Built-in Versatility

The durable 4”x6” double bar mainframe, backed by a five year frame warranty, and available with the same liquid injection row units found on BLU-JET® commercial class applicators makes this offering hard to beat. The LandRunner 3™ can accommodate a variety of liquid plumbing kits, including ground drive pumps or centrifugal pumps for variable rate and sectional shut-off capabilities. Liquid Injection Row Units have the option of being equipped with JetStream™ High Pressure Injection or Liquid Coulter Knife Row Units.

Utilize Existing Equipment

If you happen to already have saddle tanks for your tractor, or a pull behind liquid cart with proper axle spacings, the LandRunner 3 LF could be the perfect fit for your liquid side dress operation. This versatile toolbar is tough enough to be reconfigured for shank injection of NH3 or Dry fertilizers as well, adding considerable value.


  • AutoLok Nurse Tank Hitch
  • Positive Contact Drive Mount
  • Hydraulic Wing Cylinder Rocker Plates
  • JetStream™ High Pressure Injection Option
  • Liquid Coulter Knife Row Units Option