All Terrain 4615 JetStream Injection Toolbar

All Terrain JetStream Injection Toolbars

BLU-JET’s 7×7 Toolbar, Integrated Frame and Hitch Chassis, and Finite Element Analysis Design give our applicators the uncommon strength necessary to offer a five year frame warranty. Our row units are well known for their high acre use by custom application businesses and commercial rental fleets

Enhance Operating Efficiency

BLU-JET’s in-house team of design engineers diligently match tank and tire sizes to minimize compaction. Single 380/90R46 tires make just one set of tracks per pass, while sufficiently supporting the load. Single Tires eliminate the risk of yield robbing pinch rows, which can occur with dual tire applicators, and significantly reduce the amount of crop run over during turn-around.

Maintain Soil Health

BLU-JET’s original Gull Wing Lift design provides built-in clearance on the ends, further diminishing the risk of crop damage. The 1775 gallon cone bottom tank centers the weight of the liquid on the axle, reduces slosh, and adds stability. The toolbar folds to match 40’ planters as well, providing added value to customers.


  • Single 380/90R46 Tires
  • Outer Wing Folds Up for 17R30 (76 cm) Operation
  • Exclusive Jet Stream Row Unit
  • High-Pressure Direct Injection or Coulter Knife Injection
  • Easy Access to 3” (76 mm) Bottom-Fill Plumbing