All Terrain 4015 JetStream Injection Toolbar

All Terrain JetStream Injection Toolbars

Designed and built to rugged BLU-JET standards, AT4015, 40’ (18 M) Liquid Applicators are ready for your operation. Features like the 1400 gallon (5300 L) cone-bottom tank, bottom-fill plumbing for easier filling, and the 9 gallon (34 L) wash tank toolbox are standard equipment to make your job easier. Combined with BLU-JET’s JetStream nozzle injection or coulter knife injection row units, the BLU-JET AT4015 offers the very best in liquid injection technology.

Field Proven Durability Meets Cost Efficient Productivity

With a 1400 gallon cone-bottom tank for complete drain-out, while reducing fills and sloshing, the AT4015 is a great fit for those matching 30’, 40’, or 60’ planting widths. It makes standard many features, such as gull-wing lift and 3” bottom-fill plumbing, which are optional on lesser applicators.


  • 1400 gallon (5300 L) Cone Bottom Tank
  • Outer Wing Folds Up for 11R30 (76 cm) Operation
  • Exclusive Jet Stream Row Unit
  • High-Pressure Direct Injection or Coulter Knife Injection
  • Easy Access to 3” (76 mm) Bottom-Fill Plumbing