LB1: Our New, Universal Lowboy Wagon

Finish first in the field with the LB1 Low Boy Wagon!

We don’t sacrifice comfort. Our 1,000-gallon AS1040 sprayer fits perfectly for most any farming operation size. A durable ZF 6-speed power shifting transmission, equipped with a lock-up torque converter, doubles the engine’s torque. The lock-up function couples the engine to the transmission, creating a direct drive transmission. Our transmissions are battle tested year-round in extreme conditions by world-class off-highway heavy equipment makers. You get the shifting power you need, without the added weight.


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The Right Running Gear for Your Tanks – accepts single tank or twin tanks up to 3000 total gallons:

• Adaptable fertilizer wagon with adjustable tank leg mounts to accommodate four tank sizes
• Low center of gravity for quick, confident handling and towing
• Complete turn-under steering for ultimate maneuverability in the field
• Engineered to keep you moving in the field to increase profitability
• Adjustable Rear Axle track from 92″ to 120”, allows for early season side dressing
• Same common options and configurations as on other Duo Lift Low Boy’s now available from factory or aftermarket – i.e. Brakes, lights, front/side steps
• Optimal for spring application, fall application and early season side dress
• Complete with our exclusive Five-Year Warranty