Truck-Mounted Side Auger – BFT 6318S

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The BFT6318S side delivery tender is great choice when you need more capacity but want to retain the flexibility of a truck mounted tender.  This tender features a 10″ stainless steel auger system that is rated at up to #4000 per minute.  Also pictured is a new standard feature on our side auger tenders, the large pit dump/cleanout door.


  • 630 cubic foot (18 ton) capacity
  • 3 standard 6′ compartments with splits available (up to 6 compartments total).
  • 6″ higher side option available.
  • 14″ x 18″ stainless steel slide gates.
  • Stainless steel hopper, auger tubes, and flighting.
  • 10″ diameter x 18′ folding delivery auger – 16′ high discharge.
  • Hydraulic raise/lower and fold in/out.
  • Hydraulic controls are located in front for easy access.
  • 40 degree slopes for thorough cleanout.
  • High-pressure tandem pump.
  • Unloading capacity of up to #4000 per minute.
  • Full-length fold-down catwalks available.
  • Large hydraulic reservoir.
  • Full-length fenders.
  • Manual or electric roll tarps available.