Montag Liquid Fertilizer System

Montag Liquid Fertilizer System

The Montag liquid fertilizer system is designed for banding applications where the use of liquid fertilizer is desired. It consists of the Montag Auto-Steer cart with the proper-sized liquid tank. The use of the Auto-Steer cart in the system allows for ease of use as well as correct placement while staying off of your rows. Allows for banding in both planter and tillage applications as well as side dressing.


1200-gallon tank with cart

  • 1200-gallon 15-degree cone bottom tank
  • 6 ton Auto-Steer Cart
  • Comes standard with: 420 / 85 R34” radial tires and rims
  • Optional tire sizes available:
    • 380 / 85 R34” 480 / 80 R42”
    • 380 / 90 R46” 320 / 90 R46”
1700-gallon tank with cart

  • 1700-gallon 15-degree cone bottom tank
  • 9 ton Auto-Steer Cart
  • Comes standard with: 380 / 90 R46” radial tires and rims
  • Optional tire sizes available: 480 / 80 R42”


Provides for fully emptying

Each of the tank sizes come with 15-degree cone bottoms for complete emptying.

Provides for adaption to your operation

The liquid carts come with standard 2” bung holes so that you can attach your liquid pump and hoses.

The system is versatile

The liquid tank framing is standard for the Montag Auto-Steer cart and allows for quick removal with forklift arms. This permits the same Auto-Steer cart to be used for another application like dry fertilizer.

Since the liquid tank follows behind on an Auto-Steer cart that stays off of your rows, the liquid tank can replace saddle tanks and remove some of the weight and corrosive chemicals from your tractor or implement.

Built to last

Rugged heavy-duty frames which have been chemically treated and painted with chemical-resistant urethane primer and paint.